^Kirbys Adventure Review Link^


Kirbys Adventure Review was an awesome blog. i learned so much from it

i liked the lack of pictures so that i could actually read without all of the pictures blocking it

my rating for the pictures:

5/5 happy kirby

the detail of the story that they were telling was amazing,but not to much so that it wasn’t to horribly long

my rating for story telling:

5/5 happy kirby

but there were so many typos in it that i would take one off

my (new) rating for story telling:

4/5 normal kirby

it was just AMAZING to read

also there was no color what so ever but the font was easy to read


3/5 lazy kirby

and finnaly organization

wonderful! i could find anything really quickly


5/5 happy kirby

total rating:


confused kirby

Super Mario Bros 3 link^


again i learned from this blog a lot

font was amazing it was organized

but no color

it talked about the history of super mario bros 3

in great detail


again not to many pictures so no distractions

my picture rating:

5/5 lucky block

again not to many details

3/5 goomba

total rating:


1.10 update review ^


this wasn’t a very long review but it was a good one

no color great font pictures were helpful


just amazing!

it covered ALL the details of the new update for 1.10

organization made everything easy to find ASAP


almost no pics

my picture rating:

2/5 creeper

fun reading it

story telling rating:

5/5 steve

total rating:

3.5/5 enderp

thats it folks!